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I understand that these inventories and their items, the profiles produced from these inventories, and this Web site are copyrighted materials owned by Nancy E. Betz and Fred H. Borgen. I understand that at this time these inventories are in a developmental phase and that results and scoring are subject to revision, and thus should be viewed skeptically and with caution. Because of the current developmental nature of these inventories, I agree not to use them at this time with clients in a clinical or counseling setting. I will not use these copyrighted materials for any purpose other than to sample the inventories and their results. If I complete any materials on this site, I understand my responses may be used confidentially and anonymously by CAPA, Inc. for published research or for internal research by CAPA, Inc. to modify and/or improve the assessments. I will not use them for research, reverse engineering, or counseling or clinical use. I understand that the logo is a trademark owned by Dr. Betz and Dr. Borgen, and may not be used for any purpose without their written permission.

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