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Six wide paths you might take







Designed for anyone seeking direction in career choice, CAPA measures interest and confidence in skills and abilities and maps them to areas of study and careers likely to be fulfilling. CAPA is of benefit to high school and college students deciding on a major or career, professionals looking for a new career direction, or anyone interested in exploring their gifts, talents, or passions. Your results show your strengths across the board and where you stand on general scales and over specific and focused dimensions. Your top scores show things you like to do and things you believe you can do.

Results are only as good as the data used to create them. Better data, better results, better self understanding.


The CAPA assessment tools were developed by Nancy Betz, Ohio State University, and Fred Borgen, Iowa State University. They each earned a doctoral degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota, where they had powerful mentors and state-of-the-art training. Their combined experience in career assessment extends over 90 years, with over 120 publications. Their first published work in major scale development was 50 years ago — 1968.

Campbell, D. P., Borgen, F. H., Eastes, S., Johansson, C. B., & Anderson, R. A. (1968). A Set of Basic Interest Scales for the Strong Vocational Interest Blank for Men. Journal of Applied Psychology Monographs, 52 (6, Part2).


Critical Ingredients Making CAPA the Superior System



The CAPA inventories have unequaled precision and accuracy. This is what psychology calls reliability. The scales of CAPA have reliability superior to most other professionally developed tests.


Completing CAPA online is smooth, fun, and enlightening. You quickly react to an activity or task, then click to show your first reaction. You have been engaged, and suddenly you have mapped what drives you.

More of Your Mind

CAPA measures more dimensions of your interests and confidence than anyone else. CAPA lets you map 86 dimensions of your strengths. Think of all the spaces to explore for greater life fulfillment. Fit your strengths to your hot spots of happiness.


Validity is the meaning and usefulness of a psychological scale. What does a score signal about some behavior? What does extroversion predict in life? What is the evidence for all 86 CAPA scales?

On-line administration of the CAPA Interest and Confidence Inventories provide immediate availability of the score profiles, as well as the highest “scoring” majors for that individual . Each score has a link to an expanded description of what that scale means.