Fred Borgen

Currently Professor Emeritus, Fred has been with the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University since 1971. His focus on vocational psychology spans his full professional career, beginning with his doctoral work in counseling psychology at the University of Minnesota. At Minnesota, thanks to Sputnik and an NDEA research fellowship, he worked with Lloyd Lofquist and Rene Dawis on the Theory of Work Adjustment and with David Campbell in creating the 1968 Basic Interest Scales for the Strong Interest Inventory. He was active in developing the 1994 and 2005 revisions of the Strong Interest Inventory, including creation of Personal Style scales and new Basic Interest Scales. With Nancy Betz and Lenore Harmon, he is a co-author of the 1996, 2013 Skills Confidence Inventory, and with Nancy Betz, he is a co-author of the 2005 CAPA Confidence Inventory and 2006 CAPA Interest Inventory. For 1999-2001 he was appointed by Stanford University Press and Consulting Psychologists Press as the E. K. Strong Scholar in Interest Measurement. He was a consulting editor for the Journal of Career Assessment and the Journal of Counseling Psychology. A fellow of APA, he was a member and the 2002 chairman of the APA Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment.

Nancy Betz

Nancy received her PhD in psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1976. In addition to her faculty position at Ohio State, where she is Emeritus Professor of Psychology, she has held Visiting Professor Appointments at Stanford University and the University of California at Santa Barbara. She has published over 150 articles and chapters and two books on topics including psychological measurement and testing, applications of self-efficacy theory to career assessment, and women’s career development. Her current work is integration of measures of personality and career interests and confidence using the Healthy Personality Inventory, CAPA Confidence Inventory, and CAPA Interest Inventory she developed with Professor Fred Borgen of Iowa State University. She has received numerous awards for her research including the John Holland Award for Research in Personality and Career Psychology and the Leona Tyler Award for Distinguished Scholarly Contributions to Counseling Psychology.

In addition to her scholarly work Nancy has served on the major editorial boards in vocational psychology and served as Editor of the Journal of Vocational Behavior from 1984 to 1990. She served on the Department of Defense Advisory Committee on Military Testing and on the Research Advisory boards of several psychological test publishers. She has received the State University Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award, was appointed a Charter Member of the Ohio State University Academy of Teaching, and gave the University Commencement Address at the Winter 1993 graduation ceremonies.